Latest Features

With new features added to Salonlite it's even easier to manage your diary and clients.

  • Smart phone optimised - fully optimised smartphone App now allows you to book on the move.

  • Export to dropbox - export all of your Salonlite data to a designated Dropbox account.

  • Reorder your columns - Set priority to which columns appear first in the diary.

  • Coalition SMS reminders - Will only send a single SMS reminder to a client if they have multiple appointments on the same day

  • Client search functionality - Simply type any portion of a client's name for filtered, specific results.

  • Delete historical appointments - if you have historical appointments set.

  • Add Notes on Appointment Completion

Simple Scheduling

With the ability to quickly set up when each staff member works, what specific appointments they perform and at what price and duration, Salonlite is the quickest and easiest salon and spa appointment system available.

Each appointment can be colour coded to make it even easier to use.

Online Booking

With the ability to give your clients 24/7 web booking, your business will never be closed.

It has been shown that this not only gives a better service to your existing clients, but also attracts new clients to your business effortlessly and notify you via email when a bookings has been made.

Business Intelligence

With a click of a single button you have access to a wealth of business statistics about exactly what you and your staff are doing.

Everything from non arrivals to number of clients are displayed in a simple, easy to read dashboard or in a more detailed report format.

Built in SMS and Email

It has been proven that you can greatly reduce the number of no-shows within your business with a simple SMS reminder.

Salonlite comes equipped with a fully customisable automated SMS and email reminder facility as standard.

The Mobile Solution

As a cloud based system, Salonlite can be accessed from any Internet enabled device. It has also been designed from the outset to be fully optimised for use on the Apple iPad. This gives the user total freedom on how and where Salonlite is used.

Now also available is our fully optimised smart phone application for iPhone, Android and Windows phones allowing you to view the diary, take bookings and add new clients live into your system via your phone.

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  • FAQ Section
  • Knowledge base
  • Free email response
  • No monthly fees


  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited number of staff
  • Be running in 5 minutes
  • Email and SMS reminders

Online Booking

  • Free online booking from your website
  • Free mini business website via yapps.com directory
  • No transaction fees

Universal Access

  • iPad, phone, PC or Mac as long as you have access to the Internet you can run your business completely free of charge.
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